The VuzzBee team is composed of individuals who have gained expertise in web development and platform establishment as well as content management over the years. They are also just like the regular internet user who find images, articles and videos they love and share these on various platforms. This is why they have no professional profiles to boast of — they have been working in the background of awesome projects the same way ordinary users have propelled social influencers and websites to popularity.
The team members have recognized the need for link-sharing site monetization while at the same time seeing that online revenue models rarely include the community of users who make content popular and valuable. VuzzBee is the team's way of revolutionizing link-sharing and online engagement — a way to bring back power to the people.
Because of this, the team members have decided to remain anonymous to ensure that they maintain their revolutionary image as well as stay true to being one with the many ordinary internet users that they seek to empower.


Although we not have big name behind us but we have a great team

Naka Muraki

Fine programmer, Java Developer, php Developer, Payment expert. Blockchain enthusiast.

Al Kie

Executive Marketing Manager, Team Builder, Crypto Consultant

EJ Borja

Crypto Expert, Social Media Expert, Team Management,Crypto Consultant

Russ Stukel

Russ is our legal advisor. Will help us in legal matters. Ethereum Community leader

Gie Estores

Marketing expert, She has a working experience with leading organizations.

Andro Merlin

Crypto Expert, Technical Support, Crypto Adisor, Blockchain Expert