The public Pre-Sale has started, Current Price 0.05$ will end in:

Token Sale progress

Total VBEE :   250.000.000

Total Reserved :   2399920     Total Participant :   41800

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Phase 1

Feb 21, 2018 — Mar 5, 2018

Price : 0.03$

Bonus : 30%

Min Purchase ETH : 0.05 ETH

Min Purchase STEEM : 15 STEEM

Min Purchase STEEM Dollar : 10 STEEM DOLLAR

Currencies accepted :ETH, STEEM, STEEM $

Phase 2

Mar 5, 2018 — Mar 25, 2018

Price : 0.05$

Bonus : 10%

Min Purchase ETH : 0.08 ETH

Min Purchase STEEM : 20 STEEM

Min Purchase STEEM Dollar : 15 STEEM DOLLAR

Currencies accepted :ETH, STEEM, STEEM $


What is this ICO’s goal?

  • The goal of the ICO is to attract a large number of investors who support the principles behind a fairly distributed revenue model for online sharing activities and who can become ambassadors to encourage more contributors. With an ICO, VuzzBee can quickly build the decentralized link-sharing platform, expand user base and increase capitalization.
  • The ICO can also provide the resources necessary for developing and improving the platform, technical infrastructure, and marketing and sales efforts.
  • What are your minimum and maximum resource raising goals?

    The maximum sum is $10 million. In this case 70% of tokens meant for initial distribution will be allocated for the ICO.

    Why does the system need tokens?

    The Bee token will be used as an internal currency to motivate platform users to regularly share links and engage with the content on the platform and other users.

    How will the tokens’ value increase over time?

    There will be 1 billion tokens ever created and only 300 million will be initially in circulation As the platform gains more audience and users as well as establish a market position, the token will have a higher demand and this will drive up the price or keep it stable.

    What is the minimal purchase and what currencies do you accept?

    The minimum purchase is 0.05 eth and there is no maximum. We only accept Ethereum from custom wallet.

    Who can join the ICO?

    Anyone who supports the project can contribute to the ICO.

    What are other benefits for joining the ICO?

    Early investors will get first access to the platform as well as to creating the first SubVuzzes. Read out whitepaper to find out about SubVuzzes.

    Can VBee tokens be withdrawn from the platform?

    Yes, eventually, users will be able to withdraw their Bee tokens. Limits will be enforced to prevent spam and abuse. Terms are detailed in the white paper.

    When will the platform be ready?

    We will begin the development and early tests as soon as the ICO ends. Please check out our road map for more details.

    If I am a content publisher or website, can I still use the platform?

    Yes, you can take advantage by promoting your site or content across the platform too.